Centenary of Saka Nankana Sahib: SGPC initiates process to send special jatha to Pakistan

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By: Express News Service | Amritsar | January 5, 2021 12:40:23 am

Maximum 5,000 pilgrims can go in this special jatha for which permission has been granted by government of Pakistan.

The Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) has initiated the visa process for pilgrims who want to go to Pakistan to attend the first centenary event of Sri Nankana Sahib massacre, at the birth place of Sri Guru Nanak Dev. The centenary of Sri Nankana Sahib massacre, which is popularly known as Saka Nankana Sahib, is being marked in an event there on February 21, 2021, and the SGPC is sending a jatha (group) of Sikh pilgrims to Pakistan for attending the same.

Nankana Sahib was the site of the first big agitation by SGPC to take back control of gurdwaras from mahants backed by the British.

Meanwhile, in memory of Baba Hazara Singh of Aladdinpur and Baba Hukam Singh of Wajau Kot, the first martyrs of the Gurdwara Reform Movement (Gurdwara Parbandh Sudhar Lehar), a grand Gurmat (teachings of Sikh Gurus) event is being organized on January 27 and 28, 2021 at Aladdinpur village in Tarn Taran district, dedicated to the centenary of the SGPC.

SGPC has asked the pilgrims to submit their passports to be part of jatha to Pakistan by January 15, 2021.

Maximum 5,000 pilgrims can go in this special jatha for which permission has been granted by government of Pakistan.

The Sikh body has asked the pilgrims to submit their passports in person at the SGPC office in Amritsar.

SGPC chief secretary, advocate Harjinder Singh, said, “A jatha would be sent by the SGPC on the occasion of the centenary of Sri Nankana Sahib massacre. It will include prominent personalities and sangats. The pilgrims who want to visit Sri Nankana Sahib on this day can submit their passports by January 15, 2021.”

The chief secretary added that the Sikh pilgrims along with the recommendation of their area members of the SGPC should submit passports in person at the headquarters of the SGPC in Amritsar.

He said that the pilgrims are also required to provide proof of their identity card and residential address.

Photocopies of Aadhar card or voter card can be given as identity card and residence document. In addition to this, the pilgrims should submit three recent passport size photographs.

He appealed to the sangat to send complete and accurate details so that the maximum number of visas could be obtained and got issued for the occasion.

First martyrs of gurdwara reform movement

Baba Hazara Singh and Baba Hukam Singh were martyred in the attempt to free Gurdwara Sri Darbar Sahib, Tarn Taran, the historic site related to Guru Arjan Dev Ji, from mahants in 1921.

“Keeping in view their invaluable contribution to the Sikh community, a special Gurmat Samagam is being conducted,” said SGPC president Bibi Jagir Kaur.

Bhai Ajaib Singh Abhayasi, member of Dharam Prachar Committee, SGPC, said, “During the two day event in memory of both the martyrs, Singh Sahibs, Jathedars of Takht Sahibs, SGPC president Bibi Jagir Kaur, and leaders of different organisations will attend.”

He said that Dharam Prachar Committee’s pracharaks (preachers), dhadi jathas (bard groups) and kavishar jathas (poetry groups) are working to make the sangat aware about the events in the area.

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