CCTV Footage Of Jharkhand Judge's Road Accident Spurs Murder Probe

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CCTV Footage Of Jharkhand Judge's Road Accident Spurs Murder Probe

CCTV footage shows Judge Uttam Anand jogging on a deserted road in Dhanbad around 5 am


The death of a judge in Jharkhand in what was initially reported as a hit-and-run case has taken a chilling turn with security footage of the incident raising the possibility of murder. His family has now filed a complaint of murder.

District and Additional Judge Uttam Anand was on his morning run on Wednesday in Dhanbad when he was hit by "an unidentified vehicle" just half a km from his home, according to the police.

CCTV footage shows the judge jogging on a deserted road around 5 am as an auto-rickshaw takes a turn and appears to go straight for him. The auto rams the judge and drives off.

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Judge Anand was found lying on the road, bleeding, by a man who took him to hospital. The judge died in hospital. He remained unidentified, however, for hours.

His family reported him missing when he did not return at 7 am. The police finally tracked him down to the hospital and established him as the man who had died in the road accident.

The police say the CCTV footage makes it clear the auto hit him deliberately. Investigations have revealed the auto was stolen just a few hours before the judge was hit. The clip is circulating on social media and has spurred calls for an investigation.

The police are focusing on Judge Anand's cases. He had been handling many cases of mafia killings in Dhanbad town and had recently rejected the bail requests of two gangsters.

The Jharkhand Judicial Service Association has urged the Jharkhand High Court to investigate the incident. Members of the Jharkhand Bar Council have called for a CBI probe.

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