Canon India launches ‘imagePRESS C165 MFP’ printer

7 months ago 43
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India has announced the launch of the imagePRESS C165, a multi-functional printer. According to the company, the MFP offers an output of 65


per minute (


), low-power consumption and is equipped to meet the diverse needs of print shops, creative agencies and corporate offices.
The company claims that a range of applications are possible with the ability to handle multiple paper sizes and formats including SRA3, A3, A4, envelopes, heavy media up to 350g/m² and long-sheet functionality up to 1300mm.
As per Canon, the combination of its coated transfer belt and Simple Transfer Adjustment technology allows the toner to fill the peaks and valleys of embossed stocks, for high-density images for custom and premium applications.
The interface is touch- screen. Functions can be initiated with on-screen buttons that can be organised the way a user wants.
Repetitive or complicated tasks can be assigned to a single button on the interface. The connectivity options include USB drive, Wi-Fi or mobile app. Optional multilayered security solutions will help safeguard sensitive data stored on the device and during transmission if required, claims the company.

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