Canada: Trudeau’s Liberals to form government, CBC projects

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PM Trudeau’s party expected to form government, Canada’s public broadcaster reports, after tight election race.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party will form the next government, the country’s public broadcaster projected, after a close election battle against the opposition Conservatives.

CBC News reported late on Monday that the Liberals would hold onto power, but the network did not immediately say whether the party would get a minority or majority in Canada’s 44th parliament.

The final results may not be released on Monday, Canadian media have reported, as election officials will begin counting hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots on Tuesday morning.

In a push for a majority, Trudeau triggered the snap election in mid-August, telling voters he wanted them to have a say over how the country finishes its fight against the coronavirus.

But he faced a tough challenge from the Conservatives, headed by Erin O’Toole, and experts said Trudeau, who has been prime minister since 2015, struggled to convince much of the electorate about why the election was necessary during the pandemic.

The Liberals have been governing as a minority government propped up by opposition parties since they won 157 seats in the last federal election in 2019 – short of the 170-seat threshold needed for a majority.

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