BSP plus Brahmin voters an unbeatable combination in UP, says Satish Mishra

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Bahujan Samaj Party national general secretary and Rajya Sabha MP Satish Chandra Mishra

PRAYAGRAJ: Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) national general secretary and Rajya Sabha MP Satish Chandra Mishra on Monday said, “No power can defeat the BSP in the 2022 assembly polls in the state if 23% of the traditional party votes and 13% of Brahmin voters come together in Uttar Pradesh.”
The general secretary was attending the Prabudh Varg conclave at Saidabad in the trans-Ganga pocket of the Prayagraj district.
He also accused chief minister Yogi Adityanath-led BJP government in the state of “committing atrocities on Brahmins and Dalits.”
In an open pitch to woo the Brahmin voters, he also claimed that if the “neglected Brahmin community” comes into the BSP fold, they will have the key to power in the state after the 2022 assembly polls.
Mishra said that a combination of 36% voters including 23% traditional voters of the BSP and 13% Brahmin voters was the key to winning power in the state as it requires at least 28 to 30% vote share to form government.
He also accused the BJP leadership of only using the name of Lord Ram to gain political benefits.
He claimed that the priests and purohits who attended the Prabudh Varg conclave in Ayodhya recently said they have been “tortured” by the Yogi-led state government. “Once BSP organised the Prabudh Varg Sammelan in Ayodhya, the state government sought details of pundits and purohits.”
Mishra alleged that “atrocities were committed on the Brahmin community during the Yogi government regime and many innocent people of the Brahmin community were killed under this government regime.”
He also raised the issue of Khushi Dubey (widow of slain don Vikas Dubey’s aide), claiming that she was facing “injustice,” and assured the people of the Brahmin community that they would get “equal dignity, self-respect, their rights and honour if BSP comes to power in the 2022 state assembly elections.”
He also claimed that the BJP leadership was not interested in completing the construction of the Ram temple as it wanted to take political mileage out of it forever. “BSP always believes in the welfare of all communities and would do wonders in the forthcoming state assembly polls as people of the Brahmin community were switching towards BSP."
Mishra also commented on Jitin Prasada joining the BJP and said that the party would not benefit from it as Prasada had failed to connect with people of the Brahmin community. “When atrocities on people of Brahmin community were committed, he (Jitin Prasada) had announced to tour the state and had said he would launch a massive agitation against the BJP led state government,” said Mishra.
“Now, people of the state know that he has switched his loyalties to the same party (BJP) which he once accused of committing atrocities on people of Brahmin community when he was in Congress,” he added.
He also accused the Samajwadi Party of hurting the sentiments of the people of the Brahmin community and claimed that the SP leadership, after seeing that they were losing their political grounds in Uttar Pradesh, were talking about holding a conclave in the coming days.


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