#BrunchBookChallenge: 5 must-reads on racism

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Kindred By Octavia E. Butler

Time travel and slave histories come together in this masterwork about a young African-American woman in the 1970s, who travels back in time to meet her slave foremother on a pre-Civil War southern plantation. This story is as much about race as about the intersection of power and gender.

Superior:The Return of Race Science By Angela Saini


Telling the story of how science has conspired since the early colonial period, to build the narrative of one group of people being more gifted, talented, or physically finer and stronger, Saini’s book is a discomfiting read. It holds the mirror up to our own inherited prejudices.

The Adivasi Will Not Dance
By Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar


Set in the countryside and cities of Jharkhand, this collection has a whole lot of memorable characters. Hansda’s storytelling is magic, and creative writing students should read him to be able to write such masterful political fiction.

Black Coffee in a Coconut Shell: Caste as Lived Experience
Translated by C.S.Lakshmi and edited by Perumal Murugan


A collection of narratives on caste as it is experienced in everyday life, this is an anthology of 32 voices. These narrate how from childhood to adulthood, caste intruded upon their lives, leaving its impression on every single aspect of their existence.

Ruby Moonlight By Ali Cobby Eckermann


This narrative in verse is about a young Aboriginal woman in the 19th century, who escapes having witnessed the massacre of her family. This one will break your heart...

Arpita Das is the founder of Yoda Press, an independent publishing house, which has produced award-winning titles on sexuality, dissent, cities, and new perspectives on history.

From HT Brunch, June 28, 2020

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