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Coronavirus has changed the way organisations work. The sudden transition to remote working altered the very nature of workplace. It has made it imperative for organisations to keep employees morale high. One way to do this, as per


, is using smart technology. "Global lockdowns have shown people that work can be different. And now they have significantly higher expectations about their Employee Experience. Here’s how smart organizations are using smarter technology to exceed them. COVID-19 has put a spotlight on many areas of modern business. Company culture, IT capabilities, internal comms to name just a few. But there’s one area where the post-pandemic spotlight is most intense: the Employee Experience (EX)," said the company in a blog post.
"The keyword here is people. Because only people can effect the changes your organization will need to make to continue navigating through uncertainty caused by the pandemic," adds the post.
It goes on share some use cases that revolve around the use of bots that provide the ability to automate so many things that slow us down. Here are some:
How can bots add value to your Employee Experience?
Workplace bots help people perform a variety of tasks more efficiently and seamlessly. Take the new DocuSign e-signature bot, for example. It allows people to send and sign documents easily and securely through a simple bot. Something that sounds so simple, yet makes the whole process - the entire user experience - better.
By making work a little less painful (and maybe a little more delightful), businesses can build culture and transform collaboration. And by improving how, when and where people work, they improve how people feel about work.
Using bots to make mundane tasks more manageable
Time is valuable. A lot of organizations face time-sensitive challenges that require a quick solution. And one way to help solve timely HR challenges is to use bots - something Mercado Libre has been using to foster culture in scalable ways.
Finding ways to democratize recognition has been key to boosting team motivation and engagement, and bots have provided people with easy ways to recognize colleagues who have lived the company values and cultural principles. Workplace bots have also helped the Mercado Libre team perform day-to-day tasks like providing unbiased interview feedback to potential candidates in real time, and to schedule several Quarterly Development Sessions with team members.
RHB Singapore used Workplace bots to automate and manage mundane administrative tasks, like the scheduling and booking of meeting rooms and handling of FAQs. Tasks are now error-free and RHB employees can spend their time much more efficiently on areas that affect the bottom-line, like delivering enhanced customer experiences.
Using bots to bring new company values to life at WW
WW, a wellness company dedicated to helping people live healthier lives, started exploring the use of bots on Workplace to communicate with their staff more effectively. They worked with our partner The Bot Platform to develop an employee recognition bot named “Ripple” to encourage peer-to-peer nominations and promote corporate values and behaviors. True to its name, the bot has caused a ripple effect through the organization and has automated WW’s existing processes to bring new corporate values to the forefront.
Using bots to automate workflows at Clarins UK Group
With an increased number of people working from home, coupled with an already large number working in the field, Clarins UK Group, created a new digital productivity bot for their field and office teams in the UK; called Clarins Assist: People Directory. Employees simply open the bot using Workplace Chat and search for the key details of any Clarins UK Group individual working in an office or field role simply by searching by their name.
The bot then retrieves their job title, desk phone, mobile phone, email address, department and location/floor. The bot also enables employees to make direct calls to the Head Office Reception Desk and IT Service Desk, in addition to Fire Wardens and First Aiders, seamlessly and easily.
Using bots to onboard remote workers fast at Moneypenny
Moneypenny, a company handling outsourced calls and live chat for thousands of different companies used bots to create a rapid onboarding assistant to help transition their employees to remote working as smoothly as possible.
The bot was developed with The Bot Platform and asked employees questions about their hardware, internet speeds and home working environment to ensure employees were adequately set-up for long-term remote work. It significantly speeded up the process and ensured Moneypenny’s teams had the essential tools they needed to deliver excellent customer services for their customers.
Using bots to survey remote workers with Huminos
Quick, easy to schedule and smart surveys are an essential way to take the pulse of employees when they’re working remotely. 700 companies have installed bots developed by Workplace partner Huminos to understand the implications of working from home during and after the COVID-19 lockdown. These organizations have used these bots to send millions of messages to employees. In doing so, they’ve collected real-time feedback about employee concerns and can make better decisions when planning for a return to work.
Using bots to look after remote workers
Checking on employee mental health when they’re working from home is a critical part of the Employee Experience.
Creating a happy workplace is hugely important to Moneypenny and checking on employee mental health when they’re working from home is a critical part of this. Moneypenny was quick to use bots for this purpose too, using a ‘How are you doing?’ bot to check on employee well being and gauge their work-life balance. Within 24 hours, 75% of staff had answered the survey. They also used a Grab and Go bot where employees get a slot to pick up their snacks and meals in the office and fun quiz bots too
Bots help employees returning to work
As some businesses begin reemerging from lockdown, they need to find ways to communicate new policies and procedures with employees, especially those working on the frontline. Some Workplace customers are using bots to ease the burden of reopening by coordinating schedules for returning to work and disseminating information.
Using bots to share essential information at BP – A Beneficência Portuguesa de São Paulo
Latin America’s largest private hospital, A Beneficência Portuguesa de São Paulo, implemented the “BP Responde” bot through Alest Consultoria on Workplace to manage the distribution of critical information as they began navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.
They used the bot to quickly equip their frontline workers with all the most up-to-date and accurate information. This was particularly important as health and safety information was continually changing, and they had to share it quickly and accurately. Given the bot's success and fast adoption, the hospital is now using “BP Responde” for non-COVID updates, including new projects, processes, and general FAQs for employees and hospital workers to get updated regularly.

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