BJP set to win 9 of 10 seats in UP, improve RS tally

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for 10

Rajya Sabha

seats from

Uttar Pradesh

and one from Uttarakhand on November 9 comes as yet another opportunity for


to elevate its leaders to the House of Elders, where it still lacks the majority mark.
Of the 10 vacancies in Uttar Pradesh, BJP can win nine and one will go to the SP. Three sitting MPs of BJP — Hardeep Singh Puri,

Arun Singh

and Neeraj Shekhar — are likely to be repeated and the remaining will be new faces. SP’s Ram Gopal Yadav is set for a repeat as the party has the numbers to win just one seat whereas BSP is not in a position to win any seat.
In UP, BJP is in a position to win at least eight seats on its own after which it will have 24 spare votes, and will need at least 12 more votes for an additional seat, for which it will have to approach regional parties and small players like SBSP, which has four MLAs.
In what will be of advantage to BJP, even if the opposition parties come together, it will be difficult for them to get enough numbers for the ninth seat.
Since assembly polls are not too far, it will be difficult for any opposition party to extend support to a BJP candidate. Even SBSP chief Om Prakash Rajbhar, who quit the

Yogi Adityanath

government, may avoid supporting the candidate contesting on BJP’s symbol.
There is a possibility that BJP may try to find a candidate who can contest as an independent, and may approach local parties for their votes.
As BJP is set to win 10 of the 11 vacant seats including one in Uttarakhand, it will be a huge boost to the party in Rajya Sabha where it has to bank on regional parties for key legislations as it is still short of the majority mark. BJP’s current strength in Rajya Sabha is 86 and the NDA has 103 members.

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