BJP says there was no hue and cry when Question Hour was suspended in states, terms opposition hypocritical

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NEW DELHI: The BJP on Wednesday said the uproar over

Question Hour

suspension during the forthcoming


session is nothing but a masterclass in hypocrisy by members of the opposition.
"It is amusing to see opposition MPs who don’t have the power to question even their party president create a fake narrative on this issue," said BJP national media head and

Rajya Sabha MP Anil Baluni

. He said in the times of Covid-19 crisis, the Parliament will convene only for four hours daily and so naturally there is a paucity of time. Hence Question Hour has been cancelled but unstarred questions will be allowed, he said.
The BJP leader further said state assemblies have functioned in various states after March 2020 and there has been no question hour in the assemblies of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Punjab, Rajasthan,

Uttar Pradesh

and Maharashtra. "The BJP is in opposition in most of these states and it did not raise a hue and cry there," he added.
He said the parliamentary affairs minister and defence minister spoke to parties where they all supported this move. But now suddenly they have changed their stand. It is also important to bring to people’s notice that when Question Hour was the normal feature in Parliament, it was routinely disturbed by the opposition parties. The extent of disturbance of Question Hour is visible from the fact that in the last 8 sessions, out of the 162 hours allotted for Question Hour, only 59 hours were used and more than 102 hours were lost due to disruptions and adjournment, Baluni said.
He said for the parties creating an uproar, can they tell how many questions have their top leaders asked in the question hour?
It is far-fetched and too dramatic to say that this is being done by the government to evade questions. This is simply a case of

extraordinary measures

for extraordinary times. The government has always answered each question with sincerity, Baluni said.

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