BJP promises laws on Sabarimala, ‘love jihad’; job to every family

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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A social welfare pension hike, free laptops for high school students, employment opportunity for at least one person in a family, and


on the


temple are among the promises in the


manifesto released on Wednesday.
The manifesto, released by



Prakash Javadekar

, also promises UP-type legislation against “love jihad”. It seeks a public mandate to create a new


by standing close to PM Modi. The hallmark of the manifesto, claims the document, is that it speaks only about what can be translated into action.
The manifesto promises a house, drinking water facilities and electricity for all and vows to introduce minimum wages in all labour sectors. Another major promise is the establishment of a politician-free and devotee-controlled administration setup in all Hindu temples.
It promises to end political murders and vows to bring in legislation to protect the customs and traditions of Sabarimala. The NDA manifesto says that if the alliance is voted to power, it will take immediate steps to distribute five acres of agricultural land to landless


families. A major objective is to create a hunger-free Kerala. Another highlight of the manifesto is the promise of Rs 5,000 per month for bedridden patients in BPL families.
The manifesto promises six free cooking gas cylinders per year to BPL families. It says NDA will introduce online monitoring of government projects and expenses. The document vows to cut government expenses by 30%.

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