BJP may add 9 Rajya Sabha seats to its tally in June 19 polls

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NEW DELHI: BJP, which saw a dip in strength from 81 to 75 in

Rajya Sabha

after biennial polls in March, is likely to add nine seats to its current tally after June 19 polls, taking the total count of NDA’s seats to 100 making it fairly secure in terms of passing legislations as it will need just 22 more votes for a simple majority.
Though NDA would still be 22 seats less than the majority mark in the House of 242, any legislative move of the ruling alliance will, however, not be impacted in the monsoon session as four nominated members and the friendly parties such as AIADMK, BJD, YSRCP and TRS may invariably be on board.
The Modi government had in any case broken the Rajya Sabha jinx with the passage of the triple talaaq and the nullification of

Article 370

bills but the numbers will enhance confidence of NDA managers that the upper House will not upset the legislative applecart. A total of 24 seats will go to polls on June 19.
While polls to 18 got deferred in March due to Covid-19, six others are those which are going to be vacant in the next 40 days.

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