BJP chief JP Nadda hits out at Rahul Gandhi over remarks on Ladakh standoff; accuses him of demoralising forces

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JP Nadda

on Saturday targeted

Rahul Gandhi

over his remarks on the Sino-India face-off in Ladakh, alleging he was lowering the morale of

defence forces

through his tweets.
Addressing a virtual rally for Rajasthan, he said that "some

opposition leaders

are demonstrating their limited knowledge" and "asking why did soldiers go unarmed”.
"These leaders are lowering the morale of defence forces through their tweets when jawans are fighting in Galwan on India-China border.
"Don't you know the international rules and agreements," he said.
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had raised questions on whether "unarmed soldiers" had to fight

the Chinese Army

and alleged that the prime minister had surrendered Indian territory to the Chinese aggression.
"The language used by an individual reflects the family's culture. Indian families do not have the culture of using such language as done by you,” Nadda said.
"Forget about honouring Prime Minister Narendra Modi, you did not honour your PM. You tore his ordinance. People of the country and the world know this,” the BJP chief said attacking Gandhi.
The BJP president said there should be constructive opposition. "Sadly, we are facing an opposition, which has no substance or direction,” he said.
Nadda also referred to Friday's all-party meeting with the prime minister saying that everyone resolved to stand together but Congress kept asking questions.
He noted that the PM has said in his statement that "neither they have intruded into our border nor has any post been taken over by them".
Indian defence forces are fully capable of securing borders of the country in water, land or air and they have been given a free hand, the BJP chief said in the Jan samvad rally for party workers in Bikaner and Jodhpur division.

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