Biden calls for ban on assault weapons, tighter gun control

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Joe Biden

on Tuesday called for a ban on

assault weapons

and tighter gun control measures as he stepped into the familiar role of grief counselor for a traumatised nation after yet another mass shooting.
“I don’t need to wait another minute, let alone another hour, to take common sense steps that will save lives in the future,”


said, adding that “we can ban assault weapons.” “This is not and should not be a partisan issue,” Biden said at the

White House

. “It’s an American issue that will save lives. We must act. We can ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines in this country, once again.” Biden spoke before leaving for




Flags at the White House were at half staff until sunset on Monday to commemorate the Atlanta shooting victims.
They were lowered again to mark the


killings. Biden offered his condolences to the families of victims.
Biden’s administration faces increased pressure to fulfill promises on gun regulation. Any effort to move the US toward greater gun control has historically been difficult with his fellow Democrats in favour and Republicans largely opposed

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