ATS examined 11,000 IP addresses to trace the last call made to Hiran

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Maharashtra ATS

examined around 11,000

IP addresses

to trace the phone number from which Thane resident Mansukh Hiran had received the last call before his disappearance on March 4 and it helped investigators to conclude the involvement of arrested assistant police inspector Sachin


in the

murder case

Hiran, whose explosive-laden Scorpio was found parked near

Mukesh Ambani

’s south Mumbai residence on February 25, was known to Waze, confirmed CCTV footage. Waze was trying to convince Hiran to surrender in the case but he refused. The officials claimed that Waze feared that he would get exposed, so he decided to kill Hiran with the help of his associate.
Officials said bookie Naresh Gor had procured several SIM cards in the name of a Gujarat-based firm and most of them were given to ex-police constable Vinayak Shinde on Waze’s instructions. Both Shinde and Gor have been arrested
An officer said, “Gor had visited the

Mumbai Police

headquarters where the

Crime Intelligence Unit

, then headed by Waze, is located. Gor handed over some SIM cards to Waze. His entry was recorded in the register maintained at the headquaters. One of these SIM cards were used to call Hiran just before his death.”
Hiran’s widow told investigators that after receiving a call on March 4 evening, Hiran told his son to close their Thane car accessories shop and came home early. He told her that a Kandivli policeman named ‘Tavde’ had called him at Ghodbunder Road to advise him about the ongoing probe. Hiran gave his bike key to his wife and went to meet Tavde in an auto. The next day, Hiran’s body was found in Mumbra creek. His phone was untraceable.
The ATS examined Hiran’s mobile call detail records but there was no information of any suspicious call at the time mentioned by his wife. The ATS then suspected that the call may have been made on a messaging app as they are not reflected in the CDR. Officials examined all phone numbers using data services at that particular time near Hiran’s residential building and shop and found 11,000 IP addresses active in both locations.
Officials said they examined their details and identified the phone number from which the call was made to Hiran on March 4 evening. ATS traced the company on whose name the SIM was procured and it led them to Gor, who admitted that he had handed over that number to Waze at his CIU office.

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