At 2 lakh, India logs lowest weekly cases in 6 months

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NEW DELHI: India recorded just over 2 lakh fresh cases of Covid-19 in the week ending Sunday, a 6.4% decline from the previous seven days and the lowest weekly count in nearly six months.
Cases in Kerala saw a weekly fall of 8.7% while Maharashtra logged a decrease of 6.8%. At the same time, cases rose by 8% in Mizoram and 3% in Tamil Nadu as compared with the previous week. Himachal Pradesh logged a rise of 15.9% and J&K 2.9%, while fresh infections in Bengal stayed at the same level as last week.
India logged nearly 2,00,500 new cases during the week (September 20-26), as compared with 2,14,221 last week. This was the fourth consecutive week of declining cases in the country, after infections rose for a week following a massive spike in Kerala. This week's count was also the lowest since 1.55 lakh cases were recorded in March 29-April 4, when the second wave was building up in the country.
At 2,001, India also recorded the fewest deaths from the virus in six months since March 22-28, when the weekly toll was 1,875.
The fall in Covid numbers was mainly on account of cases in Kerala dropping for the three week in succession as the post-Onam wave in the state continued to wane. However, in absolute terms, the numbers from Kerala remained high. The state recorded more than 1.21 lakh fresh cases, at a daily average of 17,346, accounting 60.6% of all new cases in the country during the week.
The slow rise of Covid infections continued in Tamil Nadu for the third week running. The state logged 11,886 fresh cases, up marginally from 11,541 last week. In each of the previous two weeks, Tamil Nadu saw cases increase by 3.4% and 3%, respectively.
The Covid situation in Mizoram continued to be grim. This was the fifth straight week of rising cases in the state, although the rate of increase slowed to 8% from 18% last week. Mizoram recorded 8,995 fresh cases in the week, the fourth highest count in the country after Kerala, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.
While Maharashtra continued to record a fall in infections, the pace of decline remained slow. As opposed to this week's count of 22,410 cases, the state had reported 24,038 in the previous week.
Meanwhile, India recorded just over 27,000 new cases on Sunday, with Kerala reporting 15,951. The day saw 276 deaths from the virus. Kerala again recorded the highest number of fatalities at 165, followed by Maharashtra (36), Tamil Nadu (14), Karnataka and Bengal (nine each).


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