Are you trying to boost morale of China, BJP hits back at Rahul for his border face-off remarks

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NEW DELHI: Accusing

Rahul Gandhi

of using the language of "school kid" on the violent face-off between Indian and Chinese troops on the LAC, the BJP on Friday asked if the Congress leader was trying to boost the morale of China by making such "absurd" statements.
In a letter to Gandhi, BJP vice-president Vinay Sahasrabuddhe suggested that the Congress leader should consult seniors in his party and take their advice before making such "absurd" remarks.
Gandhi had on Thursday questioned why Indian soldiers were sent "unarmed to martyrdom" in


and who was responsible for sending them towards danger, after 20 Indian Army personnel were killed in the violent face-off with Chinese troops along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Galwan Valley in Ladakh.
He had earlier attacked Prime Minister

Narendra Modi

, asking why he was "hiding".
Responding to Gandhi's charges, Sahasrabuddhe said the Congress leader was expressing his "personal animosity" towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a time all parties were condemning China in unison.
By terming Prime Minister Modi "weak" in this time of crisis and when the entire country is unitedly standing behind soldiers, Gandhi has "insulted" the country and the spirit of unity, the BJP leader said.
He told Gandhi that this "language of school kid doesn't suit you and to the dignity of your party".
Underlining that responsible politicians first gather information and facts and then make allegations, Sahasrabuddhe said it seems Gandhi "believes in collecting information from Chinese ambassadors and maybe, they only update him" with all details.
Wondering why Gandhi is making "absurd" remarks against the prime minister, the BJP leader asked him, "Are you trying to boost the morale of China?"
Sahasrabuddhe, however, underlined that the opposition has a right to criticise the government and the BJP will not object to it. "But to express personal animosity towards the prime minister in the time of crisis is not appropriate and an insult to soldiers," he said.
In his letter to Gandhi, the BJP vice-president expressed hope that in future the Congress leader would rise above politics and restrain himself from making remarks that are not in the interests of the country.

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