Apple’s revenue from apps is twice as much as Google’s

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NEW DELHI: In the recent months, both




have been in the news about its apps for rather controversial reasons. App developers — in India and abroad — have been miffed about certain payment policies. However, that hasn’t stopped the two tech giants from raking in the moolah. A report by Sensor Tower reveals that Apple’s

App Store

earned $19 billion in Q3 2020 whereas Google made $10.3 billion revenue from

Play Store

. Apple earned twice as much revenue than Google from in-app purchases, subscriptions and paid apps. The split in spending between the two platforms remained consistent when compared to last year, said Sensor Tower in its report, while pointing out that Apple’s marketplace seeing nearly twice the revenue earned on Google’s store.
“Worldwide consumer spending in mobile apps reached $29.3 billion and their installs climbed to 36.5 billion across Apple’s App Store and Google Play in the third quarter,” as per Sensor Tower.
The report further revealed that first-time app installs last quarter grew 23.3 percent year-on year to 36.5 billion. Google remained ahead in terms of first-time app installs with 28.3 billion on Play Store where as 8.2 billion of those came from Apple’s App Store.
Sensor Tower also gave an insight into what can be expected in the fourth quarter. iOS 14, as per Sensor Tower, could be a factor in the fourth quarter. “As we enter the fourth quarter, new trends will undoubtedly emerge, as will new standout apps, some driven by platform innovations such as home screen customisations on iOS.”

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