Apple may be killing the ‘mini’ iPhone next year

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may no longer continue with the ‘mini’ models of iPhones and the

iPhone 13 mini

may be the last mini iPhone. As per tipster Jon Prosser, who has a fairly accurate history about iPhone leaks, claims that Apple will not launch the

iPhone 14 mini

next in 2022. The mini series was launched along with the iPhone 12 and now there’s an iPhone 13 mini as well. But analysts claim that the iPhone 12 mini was not able to create the desired buzz in the market.
Apart from the small screen size of 5.4-inch, the device looks quite tiny compared to the regular iPhone models and the Pro Max variants. Also, the battery life of iPhone 12 mini was widely criticised. The lower than expected demand for the iPhone 12 mini along with lacklustre buzz around the iPhone 13 mini could be one of the main reasons for Apple to kill the mini iPhone.
As per a report by

Nikkei Asia

from March 2021, Apple had reportedly cut down production of iPhone 12 mini by as much as 70% for the first half of 2021. Some suppliers were even asked to stop making components of iPhone 12 mini. Initial estimates hinted that it would have been an instant hit but Apple is said to have overestimated the demand for the iPhone 12 mini by a great margin.
The reason for the low demand of mini iPhones could be its small size. And for the same money buyers may just be more inclined to buy the iPhone 11 instead. Talking about the battery life, "The battery for the iPhone 12 mini is much smaller than the older iPhone 11, which is about the same price, and it's smaller than the battery in the iPhone 12, which is only $100 more expensive. ... A 5G phone generally consumes more power, so consumers will be reluctant to buy a phone that, comparatively, does not have a good battery,” the report by Nikkei Asia had said quoting an analyst.

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