Anti-drone technologies being identified to foil Pak drones

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Summit on Application of drones and anti-drone technologies by National Industrial Security Academy

HYDERABAD: As identifying and negating a drone attack has become a new challenge at the international borders in Jammu & Kashmir, central security agencies on Monday got into a huddle along with various corporate companies to find feasible solutions to foil the designs of enemies, especially at the international borders.
Few days back, security forces in J&K shot down a drone carrying explosives, sent from Pakistan.
The summit was organised by National Industrial Security Academy (NISA) in Hakimpet on "Application of drones and anti-drone technologies'' and it was attended by members from Prime Minister Office, College of Defence Management, Air Force and others.
During this meeting, corporate companies gave demonstrations about the different available solutions using drones for various security related issues. With regard to anti-drone technologies, the security agencies have different requirements for which they are looking for on ground solutions. The companies sought 6 months of time before they can develop anti-drone technologies which can be used in real time. One company gave a demonstration about how a drone sent by an enemy can be countered by jamming the GPS or neutralising the software (which is called soft handling). If both fail, then the security agencies can physically open fire at the drone.
Apart from that some companies gave solutions about how usage of drones can be useful while handling conventional policing, handling man made or natural disasters.
``At mining and other similar industrial units, drones can be used to do patrolling and surveillance of the field from a bird eye view, instead of conventional policing of physically going around. There are drones embeded with artificial intelligence, which can track the movement of suspicious persons or vehicles after locking the target from a remote place,'' NISA director CV Anand said.
``Similarly, whenever there is any fire accident or floods or other disasters, a drone can be used in rescue operations to know the persons who are trapped, identifying access points to enter a place to rescue the trapped persons. Itseems this technology was used in Indonesia while dealing with a major fire accident in a building,'' he added.
Recently, multiple meetings were held by PMO and Ministry of Home Affairs to derive anti-drone solutions and NISA was tasked to identify technologies before it can be used by central security agencies at international borders, sensitive installations like airports and others.


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