Andhra Pradesh crosses 30,000-mark, over 40,000 cases in Karnataka: Covid-19 state...

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Coronavirus cases in South Indian states are witnessing a surge with Karnataka, the fifth worst-affected state, reporting over 40,000 total cases and Andhra Pradesh crossing the 31,000-mark. Tamil Nadu stands second on the national Covid-19 tally with over 1.4 lakh Covid-19 cases. Telangana also sees its coronavirus cases rising with state tally jumping beyond 36,000. Kerala is the only state with considerable low numbers of coronavirus cases. So far, the state has reported over 8,000 Covid-19 cases. 

India’s Covid-19 tally on Tuesday crossed 9 lakh. As per the data shared by the Ministry of Health, India has reported a total of 906,752 coronavirus patients till date of which 571,459 patients have recovered while 23,727 have succumbed to death. India’s active coronavirus cases stand at 311,565.  

Here’s taking a look at the statewise situation of Covid-19 infections across the country. 


The state Covid-19 tally jumped to 260,924 on Tuesday. Over 144,507 people have recovered from coronavirus in Maharashtra while 10482 have died.

Tamil Nadu

With 142,798 coronavirus cases, Tamil Nadu is the state with second-highest coronavirus cases in the country and has witnessed 2,032 coronavirus fatalities. The number of patients who have recovered from coronavirus in the state stands at 92,567.

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The national capital is the third worst-hit in India with coronavirus cases jumping to 113,740 on Tuesday. As many as 91,312 patients have recovered from Covid-19 in the national capital while 3,411 have succumbed to the infection.


Gujarat has seen Covid-19 cases reach 42,722 on Tuesday. The state has seen 29,770 people recover from coronavirus while 2,055 people have died.


The South Indian state has witnessed 41,581 coronavirus cases till date. While 757 have lost their lives to the deadly contagion in the state. Nearly 16,248 patients have recovered from the disease in Karnataka. 

Uttar Pradesh

The Covid-19 tally in Uttar Pradesh has jumped to 38,130 while the number of recoveries has touched 24,203. The state’s death toll stands at 955.


The state’s Covid-19 tally stands at 36,221 coronavirus cases. While 23,679 people have recovered from the disease, the Covid-19 death toll has jumped to 365 in the state.

West Bengal

As many as 31,448 people have contracted Covid-19 in West Bengal till date. The state has seen 19213 recover from coronavirus while 956 people have been killed.

Andhra Pradesh

 The state has reported 31,103 Covid-19 patients till date. While 16,464 people have recovered from the virus across the state, the death toll stands at 365.


The state has reported 24,936 Covid-19 cases till date. Covid-19 death toll in Rajasthan stands at 525 while 18,630 patients have recovered.

Other states

The coronavirus tally in Haryana has touched 21,894. Some 18,207 people have been infected by coronavirus in Madhya Pradesh till date. The number of Covid-19 positive cases in Bihar has stands at 17,959, while the tally in Jammu and Kashmir has crossed 10,000. 

In Odisha, cases have crossed 13,000 while Assam has reported over 16,000 cases till date. Punjab’s Covid-19 tally stands at 8,178, and the number of cases in Kerala stands at 8,322. Covid-19 tally in Uttarakhand is over 3,600 cases. In Jharkhand, coronavirus cases inch toward 4,000-mark. 

Chandigarh, Tripura, Nagaland, Ladakh, Manipur, Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Puducherry, have less than 3,000 but more than 500 Covid-19 cases.

Meghalaya, Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Andaman and Nicobar Islands have reported 500 Covid-19 cases or less.  

Note: Figures are from official data released by the Ministry of Health, and may differ from realtime numbers released by various state governments subject to confirmation from the Centre. 

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