Alberta Ferretti Resort 2021

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Italy was one the first countries hard hit by the pandemic. The strict lockdown immediately imposed by the government prompted an obedient response and a resurgence of national pride. It was as if we were looking at the country with different eyes: “We’ve been taking for granted all the beauty the Gods have given us,” said Alberta Ferretti. “We’re surrounded by beauty. Our empty cities, shrouded in the silence of the lockdown, were magnificent. I wanted to celebrate that.”

Her resort lookbook was shot against a background of postcard-like, Grand Tour images of Venice, Florence, Rome, and Naples. With the country now out of the lockdown and slowly returning to its former self, Ferretti wanted to convey a spirit of optimism, infusing her ‘best ofs’ with energy and joie de vivre: “Maybe there aren’t many occasions to have fun yet, grand parties or glamorous evenings,” she said. “But I’m sure women still want to celebrate, to feel beautiful and special after this time of social isolation. We want to restart and to dream again.”

Ferretti delivered her upbeat message through sunny colors —fuchsia, cherry, orange, turquoise—into which she ‘dipped’ a series of monochromatic tailored pantsuits. Intended as a daywear proposition, they were shapely and feminine—intended to clearly signal self-confidence.

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