Air chief RKS Bhadauria: Sacrifice of 'Braves of Galwan' will not go in vain

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HYDERABAD: In the backdrop of the Indian Army-People’s Liberation Army, China stand-off in Ladakh on June 15 and as many as 20 Indian army soldiers being killed,

Indian Air Force


chief RKS Bhadauria

has said the sacrifice of the ‘braves of Galwan’ would not go in vain.
“In spite of unacceptable Chinese actions after agreements that reached during military talks and resultant loss of life, all efforts are underway to ensure that the current situation on LAC is resolved peacefully,” the Chief of Air Staff said in Hyderabad on Saturday.
Addressing newly commissioned officers at the graduation parade at Air Force Academy, Dundigal, Air chief

marshal Bhadauria

also issued a stern warning in the context of what was happening in Ladakh. “It should be clear that we are very well prepared and suitably deployed to respond to any contingency. I assure the nation that we are determined to deliver and will never let the sacrifice of our braves of Galwan go in vain,” he said.
Air chief marshal VKS Bhadauria paid tributes to ‘Col Santosh Babu and his brave men who made the supreme sacrifice’ while defending the LAC in the Galwan Valley. “Their gallant actions in a highly challenging situation have demonstrated our resolve to protect the sovereignty of our country – at any cost,” he said.
The IAF is revolutionising the way we train and build our operational capability. We will fight future wars in a networked and a highly automated environment, with employment of cutting edge technology and use of modern platforms, wpn systems and sensors – most of which will be built indigenously, he said.
“The security scenario in our region mandates our armed forces remain prepared and vigilant at all times. The development at the LAC in Ladakh is a small snapshot of what we are required to handle at short notice,” the chief of air staff said.
Air Chief Marshal Bhadauria said the security scenario in the region mandated that the armed forces always remained prepared and vigilant. “The development at the LAC in Ladakh is a small snapshot of what we are required to handle at short notice,” he said.
The air chief congratulated the 123 graduating officers on successful completion of their training and on being awarded the President's Commission and also the trophy winners for their outstanding performance and to the 11 officers from Indian Navy and

Coast Guard

for earning their coveted wings. He congratulated two foreign officers from the Vietnam Air Force who also successfully earned their wings.
“Good Show and well done. My gratitude to all the proud parents who supported the decision of their wards to join the Profession of Arms and encouraged them to pursue their dreams with the IAF,” he said.
Because of the Covid-19 situation, the parents of the graduating cadets were not invited to be part of the ceremony. “As much as we would have enjoyed your presence on this occasion, we could not do so because we are mindful of the concerns for health due to the pandemic. But let me apprise each and every parent that even though you may not be here to watch the graduation parade, your beloved child has transformed into a young, smart, spirited and a confident officer,” he said.
The Air Chief Marshal said the newly commissioned IAF officers, instead of going home for a break, will be proceeding straight to their next units to shoulder their responsibilities for the task at hand.
“As the nation fights the adverse effects of Covid-19 pandemic, IAF has taken a number of proactive measures to counter the spread and disruption in our work. We have successfully preserved our combat potential and adjusted our training and operational methodology to resume full operations,” he said.
He said the AFA and other training establishments had shown remarkable resilience and determination in ensuring successful and timely completion of the course under very difficult conditions while respecting the strict Covid protocols.

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