African, Caribbean nations back India and SA on free flow of vaccine

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NEW DELHI: A group of African, Caribbean, and Pacific


have backed India and

South Africa

for supplying


and along with Latin American countries sought free flow of medicines and vaccines across the globe.
During discussions at the WTO, a group of Latin American countries, including Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama and


expressed their concern over the export restrictions on Covid vaccines imposed by the European Union and urged members to exercise restraint and not indulge in such restrictive measures.
During the discussion, St Lucia, on behalf of the Caribbean Community or CARCOM, thanked India and South Africa for vaccine supplies to member states.
“The government of India, through the generosity of PM

Narendra Modi

has donated an initial instalment of 1,70,000 vaccines to Barbados and Dominica through bilateral arrangements. We wish to thank profoundly Barbados and Dominica for having shared the initial supplies from India with other CARICOM member states,” it said adding that India had sent an additional 1,75,000 vaccines to five CARICOM member states.
Similarly, in its intervention,


, on behalf of African, Caribbean and Pacific countries also thanked Indian efforts in delivering vaccine supplies to developing and least-developed countries.
“There is absolutely no place for vaccine nationalism in this crisis... Therefore, we recognise the efforts of countries such as India and South Africa that have arranged delivery of vaccines to many developing countries and LDCs. We urge other members to join this type of partnership.”

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