Aakar Patel’s Twitter account withheld on ‘legal demand’

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NEW DELHI: Former Amnesty India head

Aakar Patel

’s Twitter account was “withheld” late on Thursday “in response to a legal demand”.
On Patel’s account, a message reads: “@Aakar__Patel’s account has been withheld in India in response to a

legal demand

Last week, Bengaluru police had registered a complaint against Patel for suggesting that Indians should emulate the ongoing anti-racism protests in the US against the killing of African American man

George Floyd

by cops. While sharing a video of the protests from


on May 31, Patel wrote, “We need protests like these. From Dalits and Muslims and Adivasis. And the poor. And women. World will notice.


is a craft.”
When an account is withheld in a country, internet users from that country cannot view the content posted by that account. Patel’s tweets are visible in other countries.

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