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Joggers, cycling shorts, tracksuit bottoms—the things I used to cringe at are now the crux of my joy and comfort in lockdown. Hands up, if the only thought taking up as much mindspace as what your next meal will be, is whether you will fit into your jeans post lockdown. To avoid the vexations over the results of wine-ing and dining during quarantine, we round up the waist-free pants to own—now and forever. They are the equivalent of Joey Tribbiani’s Thanksgiving pants, but beyond their stretch superpowers, they can be made outdoor appropriate with a little help from slinky camisoles, smart shirts and crisp white tees. 

As fashion enters an era of casual cool, where comfort comes first (more than lip service this time, we can’t even imagine wriggling into a pair of pre-pandemic skinny jean staples), loungewear becomes a lifestyle. Sure we’ve seen athleisure at airports, spotlighted under paparazzi camera flashes on Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Alia Bhatt, but now touch-down chic gets more than just its underrated in-transit tag. Now, it gets its moment in the sun, and off the couch. 

Here's our edit of denim joggers, trousers and wide-legged pants from homegrown labels that you can shop online.

Printed trousers, Saaksha & Kinni

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