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A phone call to soldier Sunil Kumar’s family at Dighra village at Parsa block in Saran district of Bihar, declaring that their valiant son had perished in a violent clash with the Chinese soldiers at Galwan Valley in Ladakh on Monday night, had led to mourning with a pall of gloom descending in the entire area in the remembrance of the local lad who was loved by all and stood out for his liveliness, as per a report in Hindi daily Hindustan.

The scenes of mourning further deepened by the darkness of night were, however, replaced by relief and a sense of gratefulness with the first light on Thursday as in another phone call from Ladakh, Sunil’s voice, comforting his family with report of his well being, was heard.

It turned out that the wrong news of Sunil’s martyrdom was the result of a mix-up with another soldier from the unit who had died in the action on Monday night.

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India lost 20 soldiers, several of them serving in the Bihar Regiment, during an unprecedented violent clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers in eastern Ladakh along the line of control.

Wednesday afternoon--when the incorrect news of Sunil’s demise was received-- followed by the long night, was heartbreaking for the family as they received details of arrangements made to transfer the slain soldier’s body to his hometown. They were sent the details in the mistaken belief that it was being conveyed to the family of the deceased soldier.

While Sunil’s army unit had informed his brother Anil about the mix-up and confirmed Sunil’s well being to him on Wednesday afternoon itself, the family was not delivered completely out of the fear of losing their loved one till they heard Sunil’s voice the next morning on the phone.

Sunil’s wife Menaka said she was relieved to hear his husband on the phone during the conference call that was specially arranged by his army unit. “I burst out with joy as I had no doubt that it was Roshini’s father’s voice speaking on the other side,” she was quoted as saying by Hindi daily Hindustan.

Earlier on Wednesday, villagers and local politicians including MLA Chandrika Rai had assembled at Sunil’s house to give strength to the family and condoled his passing, they were equally relieved by the news of his well being, received later.

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