9 new shows and movies coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar and more this week

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There are moments when workout sessions and picking up a hobby fail to keep us going in the time of social distancing. Sometimes, all it takes to call it a great day is binging on an entertaining drama on our home screen. Luckily, streaming platforms are bringing a number of new movies and TV series every week, so our not-so-productive days don't equal monotonous, and our watchlists don't find an end. You just have to find the right pick for yourself. Here, have a glance at what's releasing in the next few days.

Feel the Beat (releases on June 19)

The comedy-drama follows April, an aspiring dancer set for the big leagues. However, her severely self-centred personality causes her to blow up a major Broadway audition. Distraught with the outcome and her potentially plummeting career, she is forced to return home. Once back, April is given a chance at redemption when she is asked to coach a group of young dancers for a big competition. Though, initially hesitant, she accepts the challenge when she's told the competition is in Atlantic City, and features Broadway judges. With two weeks remaining, there is a lot to be done to train the misfits into winners.

Streaming on Netflix

Chaman Bahaar (releases on June 19)

A love story embedded with simplicity, Chaman Bahaar features Jitendra Kumar as Billu, a determined young man who sets up a paan shop in a small town. His earnings aren't enough initially, but fortune favours him when a new family moves into the house opposite his shop. His lucky charm is their young and beautiful daughter—all the boys from her school flock to Billu's stall to sneak a peek inside her home. Even though his business flourishes, Billu experiences a barrage of complex emotions because secretly, he too falls in love with the girl.

Streaming on Netflix

The Sinner S3 (releases on June 19)

The crime drama series returns for a third outing with detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) investigating yet another case. This time, the show begins as a regular look into a grave car accident in upstate New York. As the detective dives deeper into the crash, startling discoveries are made. The mysteries include old relationships, blackmail and other disturbing details which point to the case being the most dangerous of Ambrose's career.

Streaming on Netflix

Wasp Network (releases on June 19)

Inspired by a true story set in the '90s, Wasp Network's plot revolves around a Cuban pilot, René Gonzalez, who steals a plane and flies under the radar to Miami, Florida. His goal is to infiltrate an anti-Castro organisation as a Cuban spy. As he is deemed a traitor back home to ensure the mission's success, his wife and daughter living in Havana face serious consequences because of the false revelation. René and a few other spies work together to foil American plans, but the turn of events isn't as smooth as expected.

Streaming on Netflix

Disclosure (releases on June 19)

The powerful documentary is based on the representation of transgender people in media. Filmmakers belonging to the trans community, like Laverne Cox and Sam Feder, consider the evolution of the way film and television showcase them. Disclosure also highlights the still relevant negative attention the trans community receives and crimes that are committed against them. It sends a powerful message of how despite everything, they are thriving in a world which hasn't been kind to them.

Streaming on Netflix

It's Okay to Not Be Okay (releases on June 20)

With romance sprinkled with mutual healing, the South Korean series follows two misfits dealing with psychological issues and a dark past. Moon Kang-tae is an orphaned healthcare worker who has issues opening up to people, and Go Moon-young is a children's book author who suffers from antisocial personality disorder. A favourable turn of events brings them together and they find comfort in each other's company. Hoping to heal together, they fall in love, but their problems may cause this perfect story to fall apart.

Streaming on Netflix

Aarya (releasing on June 19)

Sushmita Sen plays Aarya Sareen, a woman with a simple family and a happy life, in Aarya. However, her world turns upside down when her husband (played by Chandrachur Singh) is shot, and is in a serious condition. It is revealed that his business may have been involved in an illegal drug racket which he wanted to quit, leading to an attempt on his life. Aarya brings out a hidden side to her, and she would go to any lengths to protect her family. She takes it upon herself to bring down the people threatening them. This action-thriller is based on a Dutch series, Penoza, and marks Sen's return to mainstream acting after a decade.

Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar

Never Kiss Your Best Friend - Lockdown Special (releases on June 18)

Special situations call for a special edition. Never Kiss Your Best Friend is back with a fresh take on unexpected romance, but this time, during the lockdown. Tanie (Anya Singh) ends up video calling the first guy she ever kissed, Zayed (Zain Iman). As their conversations get more frequent, they keep getting closer to each other. Is this a new and beautiful friendship or a repetition of a past mistake destined for failure?

Streaming on ZEE5

7500 (releases on June 19)

A young pilot, Tobias is faced with a dreadful situation when his flight from Berlin to Paris is hijacked by knife-wielding terrorists. After an initial struggle, he manages to seal off the cockpit and contacts authorities for an emergency landing. However, wanting control of the cockpit, the terrorists end up murdering a passenger and threaten to kill more if their demands aren't met. Now Tobias has a choice to make and the clock is ticking. It features Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the lead.

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video 

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