9 apps to help you achieve your self-improvement goals in 2021

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If there is a year we all wish to forget and get over, it is 2020. As we try to erase our memories of isolation and look forward to a fresh start which we all deserve, the idea of committing to change can seem daunting. Typically the start of a new year is a flurry of  making up for the mistakes of the past but very few actually see a resolution through. Chances are you will stick with a decision if you start seeing results. Whether your self-improvement plans involve upskilling or getting healthier, here is a round-up of apps to help you make 2021 lighter and brighter.

Quit smoking - Smoke Free 

Ready to finally kick this habit? With several evidence-based techniques to help you stay smoke-free, this app helps you keep track of the cigarettes you've not smoked, the money saved and the time you have been smoke-free. It also helps you curb your cravings by motivating you with easy tips and tricks to regain your health.

Learn a new language - Duo Lingo 

This app makes learning new languages fun and addictive! Each lesson consists of a variety of speaking, learning, translation and multiple choice challenges. Earn points, maintain your "streak" and don't lose "heart'(s) to be on top of this app. Giving you the best user experience with its colourful and attractive illustrations, Duo Lingo is all the more exciting to use.

Meet someone new (or network) - Bumble 

On Bumble, women get to make the first move, flipping the dating game over and helping you form meaningful relationships in a respectful way.This Priyanka Chopra backed will help you make the right connections as friends, colleagues or someone special.

Get moving - Nike Training Club 

This app will discipline you like your ultimate fitness trainer. Experience personalised workouts covering strength, endurance, mobility, yoga and much more with about 200 free workouts. If you need structure in 2021, this personalised training app will adapt to your needs and suitable schedule to help you achieve that perfect body.

Reading more - Nook and Audible 

There is a novelty that comes with marking up pages and making small notes in your books. But if you love to read on the go and want to save some weight on your commute–go digital. Get this app to get free access to Barns and Noble's award-winning library of over 4 million E-books ranging from graphic novels, comics and magazines. A customised reading experience with multiple options such as fonts, page styles, notes, bookmarks, etc., helping you keep your personal library clean, organised and just the way you like it.

Managing personal Finances - Mint 

This app is dedicated to making your money management and financial tracking simpler, helping you stay ahead. Track your balances, transactions, your credit score, net worth all with a swipe. Mint gives you smart budgeting and savings suggestions based on your expense pattern. After the rollercoaster of a 2020, here's to a year of smarter expenditure!

Travel more - Skyscanner 

2020 was all about staying in and staying safe, with air travel opening up here is a comprehensive app to help you evaluate your upcoming business trip, vacation or even your work-from-anywhere staycation. Skyscanner helps you get the best deals on flights, hotels and car rentals. This award-winning app gives you price alerts, frequent flyer miles and has a transparent fee policy with no hidden charges. 

Get organised - Google Keep 

With a user interface that resembles post-it notes, this app is simple and easy for those who want to make quick notes while on the move. Make lists, reminders, voice notes and organise them by colour if you please. These are platform-independent, and you can log into any computer, tablet or other device and access them with your Google account.

Meditate - Calm

This one’s become somewhat of the universal go-to for guided meditations, breathing programs and relaxing music. The app eases you into a regular pattern of meditation gently, helping you deal with stress in an effective manner. More meditating apps here.

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