87% Indians ready to boycott Chinese products for next one year: Survey

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NEW DELHI: There seems to be considerable anger against China in the country after Chinese aggression at the LAC in Ladakh in which 20 soldiers were killed. This anger is reflected in a survey which shows that a majority of countrymen favour boycott of China-made goods following the violent clashes between Indian and Chinese troops in eastern Ladakh's Galwan Valley earlier this week.
The call to boycott 'Made in China' products comes at a time when the government is promoting a campaign to make the country self-reliant under the Aatmanirbhar Bharat mission.
The survey, conducted by LocalCircles, received 32,000 responses from citizens spread across 235 districts.
More than 8,000 responses were received for the question “Would you boycott buying Chinese products for next year?” and an overwhelming majority of them were ready to stop buying Chinese products.
87% of the 8,000 respondents said they were ready to boycott all Chinese made goods for the next one year.

When asked if they are willing to boycott buying/using products & services of Chinese companies like


, Oppo, Vivo, One Plus, Club Factory, Aliexpress, Shein,

Tik Tok

, WeChat etc. effective immediately, 58% of those surveyed said ‘yes, won’t buy from now’, while 39% said ‘yes, won’t buy from now but have to use what I have already purchased’.
In other words, a massive 97% (39+58) said that they will boycott buying major Chinese brands and instead focus on Indian brands.

On the question of imposing 200% import duty on all products made in China, the responders were not as decisive. 42% of the respondents said 'yes' a 200% import duty should be imposed.
A substantial 36% of those surveyed said that import duties should be imposed but not on raw materials. Around 20% of the responders said no import duty should be imposed.

In the wake of the


terrorist attack, the government of India had imposed an import duty of 200% on goods from Pakistan. However, India's substantial reliance on goods and components manufactured in China may have a counter-effect if import duty is imposed.
A majority of the people voted in favour of Chinese goods to have mandatory Indian standards certification. Ninety per cent of the people surveyed said that Chinese products should have BIS, CRS, CDSCO, and FSSAI certifications. Only 5% said that certifications are not needed.

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