8 bright, rainbow-themed nail art designs you need to try during Pride month (and beyond)

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June marks Pride month, and there are many reasons (and ways) to celebrate—whether you're attending a parade, tuning into virtual events or pledging to educate yourself to be a good ally. This year, the festivities might play out a little differently owing to social distancing protocols, but experimenting with glitter and colour can be a great way to get in on them from the safety of your home. 

It turns out that the history of the Pride rainbow dates back to the ’70s, where it was designed to be a positive, powerful symbol of love and support. Don’t have the bandwidth for face paint or complicated eyeshadow tutorials? Reach for all the nail polish shades you have in your drawer, and try the kind of rainbow nail art that best fits your nail shape and personal style. 

They're on your sweatshirts, sandals and hats, so for a fun take on ’90s nostalgia, dive into the deep end with tie dye nails in rainbow shades. For this one, you’ll need striping brushes or a toothpick to drag or marble shades over each other to blur the lines. You may not need Kylie Jenner level lengths to make this work, but longer nails will give you more space to blend the colour in. 

If you're looking to really go in on the current trends, you can nail four of them together with this design: french tips, geometric lines, negative space and rainbow colours. Using a striping tool or super-fine paint brush will help you stay in the lines. 

You don't have to do too much if your personal style is more the keep-it-simple route. Choose five different colours and simply make a straight line in the middle for a foolproof design.

Don't want to pick between something super sparkly and super colourful for your pride month manicure? Bring out the nail stickers, glue and a pair of tweezers and get to work.

Sometimes you need a reminder to get out of a funk, and these emoji nails will do exactly that. By painting different shapes on each nail, you'll be challenged each time, which is great if you're looking for a project to work on. For details, like on the smiley face, a black gel pen works great when covered with a top coat after. 

If regular lines and all the rainbow colours feel too on-the-nose, take bright shades and paint splotches to create your own individual art piece on your tips. 

Make it literal with actual rainbows on your nails. Adept enough to paint it on? Go for it. If not, nail stickers work just as well. Simply stripe strokes—whether thin or thick, horizontal or vertical—across the nail bed, and finish with a top coat to seal.

This nail art has two major benefits—you don't actually have to learn how to patiently paint your own nails, and you can hide your dry, ragged cuticles by sticking colourful crystals all over. Just don't forget to hydrate after.

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