79 projects worth Rs 8,201 crore taken up by DRDO in last three years

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Defence Research and Development Organisation



) took over 79 projects worth Rs.8,201 crore in last three years.
The Defence Research and Development Organisation took up projects directly pertaining to development of new defence



Cruise Missile

, Anti-Ship Missile, Surface-to-Air Missile, Air-to-Air Missile, Extended Range Anti-Submarine Rocket, Mounted Gun System, Ammunitions, Electronic Warfare System, Radars, Torpedoes, and High Endurance Autonomous Underwater Vehicle.
Some of the DRDO developed


which are likely to be available to India’s defence forces during 2021-23 are--ASTRA Missile, Anti Drone System,


devices by 2021, QRSAM, ADFCR, Helina, ADTCR, Guided Bomb, and Nag by 2022, NGARM and SAAW by 2023.
Many DRDO developed technologies such as Battle Field Surveillance Rader (BFSR), Joint Venture Protective Carbine (JVPC) Jammers, 5.56 mm Rifle, 40 mm Under Barrel Grenade Launcher (UBRL), Oleo Resin (OR) Grenade etc are being utilized by the

State Police

DRDO has developed upgrades to some of the systems including Arjun Mk-1A, Akash-NG, Light Combat Aircraft Mk-1A, Medium Power Radar-Extended Range, PINAKA- Extended Range, Guided, Electronics & Communication System for Unified Mission Computer for SU-30 MKI aircraft, Internal EW System for MIG-29 Upgrade Aircraft, and EW systems for Naval platforms.

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