68% of youth are nervous to share relationship issues with parents

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NEW DELHI: With the


, many of India’s young singles find themselves back at home with their parents, with limited opportunities of places to go and people to meet. Communication in this context becomes an inevitable skill to try to build with one’s families, but have we really been able to be open up with our loved ones?

World Mental Health Day

, matrimonial website


has run a survey in order to understand the challenges faced by young people who are at home with their parents to see the impact on their mental health, under their

social initiative Shaadi Cares

. The survey looks at both how young people feel about their relationship with their parents as well as what their parents think about their children.
49% of the singles surveyed said they don’t feel comfortable sharing their feelings with their parents. Relationship issues top the list of things they’d rather not discuss with their folks, with 68% saying it made them uncomfortable.
Although, it is not that they do not want to talk to their parents – over half (53%) said they feel keeping things to themselves creates stress and anxiety. And 70% said they would like to talk to their parents about their feelings and have a more open relationship. Why does this communication gap exist, then? The generational divide was to blame by most surveyed.
Adhish Zaveri, director – marketing, Shaadi.com says, "In India, the family is still the most important source of care & support for singles. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen in the study, the generation gap between parents and children often translates into a communication gap. Being able to talk about relationship matters freely can help alleviate anxiety and offer comfort. With our Shaadi Cares initiative, we’re urging parents to open-up to their children, so that they can too."
Parents see this all a bit differently, however. 92% of parents said their kids are completely free to share anything with them. They don’t see it as a generational gap either – 72% of parents said they didn’t believe a generation gap was causing a communication gap. If both parents and their children would like to talk about these issues, what is really holding them back? Given the difficulty of discussing relationship issues, the fact that 42% of parents had never been in a relationship before could be part of the problem.

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