5 online courses on professional networking that you can enrol in now

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As we witness a massive change in the career sector—with employees around the world being laid off, hiring freezes, and not enough professional meets-and-greets taking place at the moment—staying relevant in your industry has become essential. And building a strong network of people who can foster your growth is one thing that can prove to be a great means to do so. Ahead, we list out a few online courses that focus on developing interpersonal skills, staying in touch with people on social media, pitching yourself in a dynamic way, and more.  

Pitch Yourself

According to orator, entrepreneur and confidence coach Alexa Fischer, the most essential part about networking is the art of communication. If you can speak confidently and pitch yourself in a dynamic way, half the work is done. In this course, she tells you just how to do that, while also filling you in on ways to spot the right opportunities and remain engaged and curious throughout an important conversation.

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A Complete Guide to Building Your Network

“Personal networks are the linchpin to achieving success,” bestselling author Keith Ferrazzi states in the description of his online course. Through these in-depth lessons, learn how to maintain professional-professional relationships that are mutually beneficial, techniques to stay interesting and relevant, and tips on “warming a cold call”, among other things.

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Networking Growth Hacks: Take Your Career to the Next Level

The course covers three main aspects—general networking hacks, social skills, and social media skills required to make contacts. Taught by three young entrepreneurs, the classes will give you an up-to-date lesson in maintaining a suitable body language, interacting with important people on social media platforms, approaching them in innovative ways, and more.

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How to Network for Introverts

Not a people person? Doesn't mean you can't build a strong network to witness growth in your career. This virtual course will help you prepare yourself before an event, tell you how to initiate productive conversations during the same, and give you more insight into what to do now that it's over—including tips on how often you should get in touch with someone you talked to at an online or physical gathering, and much more.

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Business Fundamentals: Effective Networking

Offered by the Open University in England, the free online lesson focuses on overcoming barriers to effective networking; developing interpersonal skills and an impactful body language; and evaluating the mutual value of an activity or professional relationship.

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