5 insightful astrology podcasts you can tune into if you're bored of reading horoscopes

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Do you also wake up in the morning and open your favourite horoscope website or app? With things as they are in the world, it's understandable that people seek comfort in astrology. And while horoscope is a popular aspect of it, there's a lot more to the study that future predictions. If you want to go beyond your day's forecast, many astrologers now offer regular astrology podcasts that are informative as well as entertaining. Scroll ahead as we list five astrology podcasts that you can tune into. 

What's Your Sign? 

Hosted by Julia Loken, Stevie Anderson and Lisa Chanoux, What's Your Sign? is a comedy astrology podcast for both, lovers and haters of astrology. Through the weekly podcast you will learn about the houses of every zodiac signs, cosmic objects and aims to help listeners learn about the intricacies of astrology, which involves so much more than just the Sun and Rising. 

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The Astrology Podcast

As the name suggest, the podcast hosted by Chris Brennan helps answer multiple variety of astrological topics, plus monthly horoscopes and information on mercury retrogrades and their effect on your life. The description reads, “the purpose is to provide intermediate and advanced level discussions about astrological topics, ranging from explorations of specific techniques, to treatments of issues pertaining to the history and philosophy of the subject.” So, if you find yourself asking questions about astrology, try this one out. 

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Alchemy with Ambi

Alchemy with Ambi corresponds with the moon calendar and helps bring alchemy to your life. Each new and full moon is a lively discussion on the platform. New and full moons are the ideal times to examine one's relationships with money and the ways in which we communicate, and establish boundaries with the people around us. The podcast helps focus on what you really desire and what you wish to dispose of, every month. 

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Soulshine Cosmic Career Astrology

While most of us are feeling confused and helpless during this pandemic—especially people who have lost their jobs, this podcast can help. A podcast dedicated to help you find your true calling and life's purpose, it explains how each planet's energy helps achieve goals and act in alignment with the lunar phases. 

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Stars Like Us

Asking an interesting question, ‘Are the stars really just like us?’ Aliza Kelly's podcast explores mythology, magick and pop culture. A unique podcast, it's a blend of astrology school and a talk show, as each episode is led by an expert who deals with a specific astrological subject. 

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