5 fun ways to ensure that you don't face work from home burnout

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With Unlock 1.0 encouraging workplaces to continue the work from home model, the uncertainty around getting back to work is mounting. Working professionals are already feeling the heat with the constant need to be available online. The blurring lines between working hours is adding tremendous pressure of juggling work life as well as household chores and family responsibility, resulting in stress, anxiety and burnout. Organisations need to tweak their ways of working and introduce fun ways of navigating through the situation to ensure employee well-being.

These are some fun things to do at home to make sure you don’t burnout while remote working: 

Cool Remote Working Desk, Own your space

Pick a corner in the house with good lighting, a spot that keeps you comfortable while making sure it gives you the positive work vibe you need while remote working. One must experiment with inspirational décor and motivational design that can light up your mood as well as enhance productivity. Desk ergonomics must be considered while setting up as it will help increase focus and concentration levels and keep interruptions at bay. Last but not the least, own the space, make it your own, use quirky and funky ideas that exude your personality in your cool remote working area.

Take up the Wellness Challenge

Being stuck up at home can be disheartening, thus taking up a challenge can give you that much-deserved adrenaline rush. Especially at a time when you have minimum contact with the outside world, you need that surge of the positive hormones, to keep you happy. Take on a wellness challenge that will give you a high, making sure you stay healthy and fit. Encourage your colleagues to participate, giving you a sense of not being alone and making you a part of a larger group with a bigger goal to achieve.

Get on the digital bandwagon, learn a skill/hack

If you have time at hand, then you must put it to good use. Learn a skill that can keep you busy, cut boredom while you enhance your portfolio. Adding a skill is imperative to unlearn redundant techniques while embracing newer skills that are relevant for the current times. In times like these, it is important to keep yourself relevant in a market as volatile as now, thus make the internet your friend and jump onto the digital bandwagon that furthers your knowledge and abilities.

Be part of the Social Lounge

Social distancing is the new norm but who said anything about virtual distancing? Why wait to feel the blues, when you can be part of your office social lounge. Organisations must set up such spaces to make people feel wanted. Having an online community room serves the purpose of team bonding, oneness and a sense of belonging. One must participate and stay active in such common rooms to get through the day. Right from coffee with the CEO, to tea-tasting sessions or indulgences during snack time, is the way to go in the new normal.

Get your ‘WFH fashion game’ on point

Everybody likes to be presentable and well-dressed at work, so why not set your dress code in place while working from home. Even though you are remote working, it is essential to pick comfortable clothing yet maintaining a dress code helps to achieve a sense of normalcy, sets the routine and inspires productivity. An attire that makes you feel productive and gives you a sense that you are back at work, is important to set the tone for the day. With the number of video calls you have in the day, dressing up will only make you feel ‘dressed for work’ and part of the workplace. This will help you keep a positive outlook and embrace the work from home lifestyle.

By Dr Mitul Thakker, Chief People and Compliance Officer, IKS Health

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