5 fitness lessons you need to learn from Dia Mirza

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If you were to ask Dia Mirza the secret behind her flawless glow, she'll always credit her sustainable lifestyle and her workout routines. The actor staunchly believes that “beauty is an inside job” and preaches the same to her followers. If you follow her on Instagram, besides a peek into her sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, you'll also find that the actor is extremely vocal about her fitness journey and wellness routines. Here are a few fitness lessons you can learn from her to get started.

 1) Take the time out to meditate every day

For Mirza, meditation is key to aligning the mind, body and soul. “Morning meditations are powerful. I try to start and end my day with meditation. Try it! Like I said, it is a superpower I wish everyone would discover,” she suggests. Whether she is at work or home, meditation is a part of her daily routine. It helps strengthen the immune system, sharpens the senses, and improves a general sense of wellbeing and “also brings JOY.”

2) Switch your workout routine often

If you are into the same gruelling HIIT workout routine everyday, you can tire your muscles out, or worse still, you can get bored. Instead, Mirza suggests trying something new or adding in a variety of workouts. “I constantly need something to invigorate me, which will get me to hit the gym. I switch between functional training, weight training and cardio. Sometimes I swim, kickbox or run,” she shared. Cycling, another exercise she loves, can be a fun way to get your heart rate up too.

 3) Find a routine that grounds you

We are all guilty of waking up every morning and aimlessly scrolling through our phones, but Mirza knows that a grounding AM routine can start her day on a positive note. “Come what may, the first 15 minutes of the morning are mine. Even before I reach for my phone, I centre myself with Brahmari, Anulom Vilom and other yoga pranayamas,” she confirmed. A breathwork session in the morning can help reduce stress, and research also shows that it works on cognitive flexibility, reasoning skills and memory.

 4) Don’t forget to stretch

The actor believes that stretching is key to improving flexibility and mobility in the body. If you don’t stretch, the muscles shorten and become tight. Then, when the muscles are needed for activity, you are unable to stretch to the level required. “Strengthening and stretching the spine served 2019 well,” she shared in an Instagram post two years ago.

5) Back up your workout routines with good nutrition

Mirza’s diet includes antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory and organic foods that help boost body and skin health. “I have two glasses of water as soon as I wake up, followed by a bowl of chia seeds soaked in almond milk with blueberries and pomegranate—that’s great skin food. Coconut water is also wonderful in the summers,” she shared. The actor also makes sure to make mindul choices when shopping for food. “We buy all our vegetables, grains and fruits from organic stores—for me, food needs to be free of pesticides and chemicals, besides being nutritious.”

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