5 apps that'll help you develop a running regimen like Kiara Advani

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Kiara Advani's workout routine is multi-dimensional—the actor loves gym sessions, lifting weights and dabbling with kickboxing. But her go-to exercise when she needs to get an efficient sweat session in? Running. “I love to get a 20-minute run in, especially before something important. It gives me a great glow,” she shared in an interview with Vogue India. “Fitness is a way of life for me. It’s a mood lifter for a dull day,” she confirmed. 

Running is a great exercise for those that don't have access to equipment while you're working out from home. Whether you're simply jogging at home or taking a run in your neighbourhood or building compound, running can help strengthen your bones and muscles, as well as boost immune health. It is also important as a heart health-booster, as it improves circulation, maintains blood pressures and stress levels. 

Not sure how to start a running practice if you're a newbie? It's not all sprints. Instead, running, jogging and walking, when done in tandem is better for all-over fitness. “Running fast every day won’t make you faster. In fact, you will experience diminishing returns. But a mix of intervals and recovery workouts is what gives you big returns,” shared Nikhil Kapur, co-founder, Atmantan Wellness Centre, Mulshi and a marathon runner. Running well is all about improving your stamina. “It is a function of endurance and economy. Athletes or anyone who has a structured plan or coach is working on improving these two factors," he shared.

5 apps you can download to practice running like Kiara Advani1) Couch to 5K 

Available on iOS and Android

This is perfect for the novice runner looking to build up their running regimen. The app has built-in training schedules, and even if you've never done this before, the pacing tells you when to run, when to increase speed and when to walk while you build stamina and strength.

2) Nike Run Club

Available on iOS and Android

This app goes beyond simply tracking your runs. You can get audio-based workouts from Nike coaches, so you can pace your run as best as possible. It logs your miles, mile spring times and average pace, as well as tracks your route for safety purposes.

3) Running by Daily Burn 

Available on iOS and Android

Whether you're jogging on the spot, running on the treadmill or trying to do a run/walk circuit outside, there's a guided workout for all your cardio needs on this app. You can get warms up and cool downs on the app too, for a complete workout.

4) Runcoach

Available on iOS and Android

If you need an adaptive training plan that fits your changing needs, this is ideal. If you'd like to run twice weekly for an hour each session, the app creates a schedule that'll allow you to track your progress in terms of mile times and intensity.

5) Intervals Pro

Available on iOS

If you simply want to work on sprints and drills, this app will help you keep time. You can customise interval durations based on time or distance, and track the pace throughout.

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