2k more Covid deaths, cases rise to 3.5 lakh

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NEW DELHI: In a massive jump in deaths from the Covid-19 pandemic in India, 2,003 fatalities were added to the toll on Tuesday, with Maharashtra and Delhi reporting a major chunk of the count, most of which were earlier deaths unreported so far.
The additions meant that India’s Covid-19 death toll had risen by 20% in a single day to 11,914. The case fatality rate (percentage of patients succumbing to the virus) also rose from 2.9% on Monday to 3.4%.
With 10,914 fresh cases reported during the day, the country’s Covid-19 cases crossed 3.5 lakh (ending at 3,53,872). The count has risen from 3 lakh to 3.5 lakh in four days.
In a major embarrassment for the Uddhav Thackeray-led government, as many as 1,328 deaths had not been added to the state’s Covid-19 toll so far, a data reconciliation exercise by the state public health department has found. Of these unaccounted-for deaths, 862 were from Mumbai.
The death toll in the state jumped from 4,128 on Monday to 5,537 on Tuesday, including 81 fatalities reported in the last 24 hours. Mumbai’s toll rose to 3,167 on Tuesday from 2,250 on Monday, including 55 deaths in the last 24 hours.
Similarly, Delhi’s Covid-19 toll surged by 437 to 1,837 on Tuesday, with the state health department reporting as many as 344 back-dated deaths. There was a big spike in fresh fatalities as well, with 93 people succumbing to the pandemic in the last 24 hours. The other deaths were reported following perusal of the case summaries by the death audit committee.
“This cumulative figure includes all pending deaths reported to and audited by the death audit committee,” the department said in its health bulletin.
In Tamil Nadu, as deaths soared by 49 on Tuesday, epidemiologists and healthcare activists questioned how there could be a sudden decline in the number of fresh cases as Tamil Nadu logged 1,515 and Chennai 919 after having reported at least 500 cases more per day in the past week.
Minutes after the state released the bulletin, National Institute of Epidemiology deputy director Dr Prahbdeep Kaur tweeted: “Chennai’s epicurve — sudden unusual decline in cases — hard to interpret in the absence of day-wise testing and percent positive trend for the city…”

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