‘286 women raped & murdered in 2019’

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NEW DELHI: As many as 286 women were raped and murdered as per the ‘Crime in India’ report for the year 2019. A total of 283 cases have been reported under this category by states and

Union Territories

. The data comes at a time when the country is reeling from the shock of the death of a 19-year-old gangrape victim from UP’s

Hathras district

With 47 cases, Maharashtra tops the list of cases and incidents of murder with


or gangrape, followed by

Madhya Pradesh

(37) and Uttar Pradesh (35). Among Union Territories there were five cases in this category from the national capital.
The National Crime Records Bureau report puts out more worrisome facts that show that out of the 32,033 cases of rape last year involving 32,260 victims, 4,977 were below 18 years of age including 144 children below the age of six years.
Over 19,000 victims were between 18 to 30 years and 63 cases involved women above 60 years, showing how even the elderly are from safe. In 94.2% of the cases, the offender was known to the victim.
Overall, crimes against women has shown an increase with 4,05,861 cases under various categories of crime in 2019 as against 3,78,236 in 2018. Maximum cases of crime against women pertain to cruelty by husband and his relatives (section 498 A of IPC). There were 1,25,298 cases involving 1,26,575 women in this category.
Among states Rajasthan recorded the maximum cases of rape at 5,997 involving 6,051 victims, followed by UP which has reported 3,065 and 3,131 victims and Madhya Pradesh which reported 2,485 cases and 2,490 victims. Among UTs, Delhi has reported 1,253 cases of rape.
Among rape of minors below 18 years, Rajasthan has the maximum cases (1,313) involving 1,314 victims followed by Kerala with 1,262 cases and 1,271 victims and Andhra Pradesh with 544 cases and 561 victims.
In terms of age group, out of 4,997 victims of rape who were below 18 years, 428 were between 6 to 12 years, 1,648 were between 12 to 16 years and 2,757 between 16 to 18 years.
Among the 27,283 adult victims, 19,653 were between 18 to 30 years, 6,716 (30 to 45 years) and 851 between 45 to 60 years.
As far as relation of the offender to victims, in 94.2% cases (30,165) the person was known to the victim with 2,916 offenders from among family members. The offender was a

family friend

, neighbour, employer or other known person in 10,938 cases. In 16,311 cases the offender was a friend, online friend or live in partners or a separated husband. Only in 1,868 cases were the offender not known to the victim.

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