19 Gujarat Congress MLAs Moved To Rajasthan Resort After 3 Resign

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19 Gujarat Congress MLAs Moved To Rajasthan Resort After 3 Resign

Congress has 65 MLAs in Gujarat (File)

New Delhi:

Nineteen Congress legislators from Gujarat have been shifted to a resort in Rajasthan ahead of the Rajya Sabha elections in the state. Three MLAs of the party have already resigned and there is apprehension that others may follow.

Congress sources said the party is eventually expected to move 26 MLAs to the resort, located in Rajasthan's Mount Abu. Rajasthan is ruled by the Congress and the party expects te MLAs would safe from BJP poaching there.

The Congress has 65 MLAs in Gujarat, some of whom have already been packed off to different resorts.

The party decided to take action after two of its MLAs resigned on June 4. A third resigned a day later.

The spate of resignations was in fact, the second. The first wave was in March, days after the Rajya Sabha polls were announced.  Four MLAs had resigned at the time.

With its current strength, the Congress can only be assured of a single seat instead of two, which it could have commanded earlier.

Of the four Rajya Sabha seats up for election in Gujarat, the BJP has three and the Congress, one. The BJP has fielded Narhari Amin, Abhay Bhardwaj and Ramilaben Bara.

The Congress has named Shaktisinh Gohil and Bharatsinh Solanki for the polls and now has to decide who will be its first preference candidate as that person is likely to win.

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