18 pictures and videos that take you inside Dia Mirza's sustainable Mumbai home

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Last seen playing a strong supporting role in the social drama Thappad alongside Taapsee Pannu, actor, model, producer and sustainability activist Dia Mirza is a woman of many talents. In 2019, Mirza even had the honour of getting appointed as the UN Secretary General's Advocate of Sustainable Development Goals. Her passion for sustainability and all-things-nature extends into her 1800sqft, three-bedroom apartment in Mumbai’s Pali Hill, which the actor bought at the mere age of 19. “It was a huge achievement. As a young adult it centred me, rooted me to the city,” Mirza revealed in an interview.

Warm wooden floors, plenty of greenery, white-washed brick walls, organic fabrics and hand-painted furniture give Dia Mirza's residence her signature. Given that Mirza’s mother, Deepa Mirza, is an interior designer, it comes as no surprise that the actor-activist had such a hands-on role in curating her own space. From her favourite corner of the home to her den, kitchen and living room, we give you the full tour of Mirza’s green home below.

Check out Dia Mirza’s favourite hang out at home

“I sit here for hours thinking about how much pride and joy it gives me that in my own small way I can contribute to keeping our birds alive,” Mirza once explained about her favourite spot at home: a wooden ledge by an oversized glass window, which overlooks rows of potted plants, climbers, bird feeders and water holders. The actor worries for the deteriorating sparrow population in the city, but sees hope in the measures that neighbourhoods and homes have now started adopting to live in harmony with nature. “In an urban jungle it’s always important and nice to have some form of wildlife,” Mirza shares. 

A white sofa upholstered in organic fabric with matching cushions rests close to this spot, accompanied by a small side table, with shelf space, made of stone and wood. We also spotted a few of books from the bibliophile's prized collection in here, including some on homes and interior decoration. A dark brown lounge chair rests across the other side of this table, against a barely-painted brick wall that gives the home a loft-like feel. “If you sit here quietly long enough, you’ll actually spot quite a few butterflies and bees, and sunbirds as well,” the actor reveals.

The highlight of Dia Mirza’s living room: a dinner wagon hand-painted by her

Made using reclaimed wood, primarily from old doors, the wooden dinner wagon that serves as a countertop in Mirza’s living room was painted by the actor herself. The star purposely gave the structure a distressed look, making it blend in seamlessly with the rustic aesthetic of her apartment. “I just feel happy that we could make use of wood that was abandoned, put it to effective use and make something beautiful out of it,” Mirza says. A wood-framed mirror features on top of the wagon, along with more indoor plants and floral arrangements.

On the opposing side of this setting sits an oversized yellow artwork featuring Buddha, which adds a pop of colour to Dia Mirza's home. A low sofa holding lots of shelf space in its trunk sits next to a side table with more prized books. The rest of this room has white couches topped off with mix-and-matched cushions in various prints and natural fabrics, which give the space an eclectic, bohemian vibe. Lamps, figurines, candles and artworks are other elements that pepper Mirza’s urban oasis.

Step inside Dia Mirza’s eco-friendly kitchen

You can tell a lot about a person’s carbon footprint through their kitchen decor and habits. It comes as no surprise that Dia Mirza’s kitchen is fully optimised to reduce its impact on the environment. While wood-panelled sliding glass windows give an uninterrupted view of the greenery outside and bring in plenty of sunlight, white-tiled walls, wooden cabinets, glass jars and ceramic containers feature in this space. Mirza even has a waste segregation system under the sink to separate her wet and dry kitchen discards. The former is rerouted to the society’s composting pit while the latter is collected by the municipality. Mirza has also shared that she travels to work with three glass bottles of water, kept intact in a jute container, “Nothing bothers me more than seeing people use and throw plastic bottles. We can really bring down our plastic consumption if we make this choice of switching from plastic bottles to glass bottles.” 

Right outside the kitchen, a long dark wood table forms Dia Mirza's dining space, much in line with minimalistic aesthetic of the rest of her home. A sofa setting with lots of throw cushions lines one edge of the table while the other is occupied by chairs. Framed photographs and artworks, along with oversized windows giving way to greenery, form the backdrop of the dining area. 

Take a peek at Dia Mirza’s expansive collection of books

While you'll find books in almost every corner of Mirza’s apartment, her at-home library is where the bulk of her reading treasures are showcased. From books on cinema to world history, to board games like Brainvita and Sequence, the space shows us how the actor likes to spend her spare time at home. Bold artwork, framed family photographs and other trinkets like lamps and carved sculptures also appear in this aesthetic corner.

Haven't had enough of Mirza's sanctuary yet? Scroll through to complete your tour. Don't forget to steal hacks for your home if going green is on your agenda.

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