17 Wine Subscription Services that Will Make You Feel Like a Sommelier

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It was once just a matter of convenience for food and beverages to be delivered to your door. In the wake of COVID-19 it is now one of several things to consider in the practice of effective social-distancing measures. Thankfully, in the growing landscape of wine subscription services, some are tailored to those who are knowledgeable vino drinkers, while others aim to teach the customer about the region and the best types of food to pair with your wine.—and all are ready to be delivered to your doorstep.

In the summer, our favorite is Una Lou Rosé’s season pass, which provides monthly deliveries of the pink drink from February to October. But year-round, other options abound: Companies such as Firstleaf, Winc Wine Club, and Bright Cellars let subscribers rate their wine and in turn, match each person with bottles their experts recommend. Wine Awesomeness brings their members stories behind their bottles, paired with a vocabulary lesson (you’ll sound like a pro in no time). Vinebox is for those who want a taste before committing to a full bottle: nine vials are delivered to your door every quarter, along with credit to use towards the bottle you loved the most.

If spirits are more your speed, you might take an interest in the fine and hard-to-find offerings of Flaviar, which delivers three different tasting spirits (and a complimentary full-size bottle) each quarter with your subscription. Mash and Grape puts the best of what craft and micro-distillers have to offer at your fingertips by delivering three full-size spirits, in the category of your choice, to your door each month. Haus offers a monthly subscription to its fresh, locally-sourced apéritifs made fresh in Sonoma County, California, while Craft Beer of the Month Club brings the microbrewery tour experience to your own living room.

There is a company for everyone, no matter what you’re looking for. Below, 17 favorites.

Usual Wines

For those who prefer wine by the glass rather than by the bottle, Usual Wines is your answer, offering the perfect measure of wine each and every time. Designed in sleek, 6.3 oz glass bottles, Usual wines are all natural, and made in small batches with grapes from California without any added sugars or sulfites. Plus, if you get overwhelmed by too many options, Usual Wines offers one signature type of red or rosé, and two types of bruts (available in white and rosé). Try the mixed subscription box for $80 and receive 12 glasses of red, rosé and brut at your doorstep every month. Shop now!

Vinley Market

If you’re a big fan of rosé and sparkling wine during the summertime (or year round, too), members of the Vinlet Market wine club will send you two bottles of rosé and sparkling wines every month for $59. If rosé isn’t to your taste, you can try the Adventurer’s Wine Box, where sommeliers will handpick a choice of two or three wines from around the world, for $59-$79 per box. Each shipment will include information about the bottle’s region and its winemaker. Wave goodbye to grocery store-bought wine. Shop now!

Winc Wine Club

Members of Winc Wine Club receive four wines each month—one for every week! New members answer a six question quiz to help the company assess your tastes. After you try a bottle, you can rate it, which will help Winc narrow down next month’s shipment. This service is extremely flexible, allowing subscribers to skip a month at any time or cancel when they are all wined out. The price per box will vary, as each wine costs a different amount (they start at $13). Shop now!


A wine club that gets better with each box? Sign us up. Firstleaf employs wine experts whose job is to find new and exciting varietals. Customers rate their bottles after consumption, and the company’s system uses these ratings to curate your next box based off of your palate. Whether you drink red, white, or both, Firstleaf gives subscribers the freedom to choose what kind and how often they want another shipment of vino. Shop now!

Martha Stewart Wine Club

Let Martha Stewart curate your wine selection. Martha’s members can opt to receive six bottles every six weeks for $50 or 12 bottles every eight weeks for less than $100. Your first shipment will include a wide breadth of award-winning red and white wines from France. Taste a Malbec that won Gold in the 2018 Critics Challenge International Wine Competition or a chardonnay that took home silver in the 2019 Sommelier Challenge International Wine Competition. Award-winning wine at your doorstep? Yes, please. Shop now!

Plonk Wine Club

Plonk Wine Club members can select to receive a wine subscription box of four or 12 bottles on a monthly or quarterly basis. Choose from red, white, or a combo. Each wine is carefully curated and sourced from natural, organic grapes without the use of pesticides or additives. This site offers the chance to taste some great, hard-to-find bottles from Argentina to Australia as well as old-world wine regions. Shop now!

Vinesse Wines

Discover new wines and keep receiving the ones you love. Vinesse Wines has been in the wine business since 1933 and their team of curators will do all the hard work and select the best wines for you. You’ll be able to rate each shipment so you can keep receiving the ones you love and the team can better customize your future shipments to suit your taste preferences. Plans are easily customizable online and, for a limited time, new members will receive eight wines in their first shipment for just $50. Shop now!

Bright Cellars

This website is basically the matchmaking service of your dreams, pairing you with four fine wines for just $60 a month. The Bright Points algorithm (created by two MIT graduates) scores each wine by comparing 18 attributes to your preferences. If there is a bottle you aren’t particularly fond of, the in-house wine concierge will help you select a free replacement bottle. All of the wines are sourced from small vineyards, mostly in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and South America. Shop now!

Wine Awesomeness

You get more than a bottle of wine with this service. Wine Awesomeness delivers the stories behind the bottles, a wine vocabulary lesson, and the right types of food to pair them with via theblacklabel, the brand’s monthly magazine. Boxes contain three bottles of wine and start at $49. If that isn’t enough, there’s also an option to order six bottles at $79 a box. Members receive their packages monthly, but can personalize the delivery frequency once they become a member. Subscribers can choose between all red, all white, or a mix and shipping is free. Gifting is also easy; just select the duration of the subscription, color of wine, and number of bottles. Shop now!


Starting at $72 per quarter, this service lets subscribers taste new wines and discover other regions without committing to a full bottle: Vinebox picks out what they deem to be the 9 best wines of the season, and delivers them in vials, not bottles. Each box of vials (which contains enough liquid for a glass of wine) also includes a credit to purchase full size bottles of any of the ones you really enjoyed. They also offer an advent calendar called Twelve Nights of Wine, a box that delivers 12 glasses of vino from around the world. Last year’s box sold out in four weeks, so if it sparks your fancy, it’s worth pre-ordering. Shop now!

Primal Wine Club

Primal Wine Club specializes in natural wines, those which are sustainably farmed, made with natural yeast and no to minimal sulfites, as well as unfiltered. Members can customize their shipments between a preference of three, six, or 12 bottles of wine; which can consist of all red, all white, or a mix, with prices starting from $85. Shop now!

Orange Glou

Orange wine isn’t for everyone, but if you are a fan of its bold and savory taste, which is made through fermenting grape skins, then Orange Glou is the wine service for you. Its founder, sommelier Doreen Winkler, has a passion for this often polarizing type of wine. Choose between a box of three or six bottles of specially curated orange wines by Winkler, every month, starting at $105. Shop now!

Nocking Point

Start each quarter off with three new bottles of wine (all sourced from American vineyards) when you subscribe to Nocking Point. The $99 selection is curated by a different individual every time, and also includes a bag of micro-roasted coffee, perfect for the morning after wine night. Wines range from your typical Malbec to a blend of Grenache and Cinsault, but each comes with a hand-designed label. If your three bottles run out and you’re antsy for more, the online store offers additional packs of bottles for purchase. Shop now!


Flaviar, which prides itself on its assortment of rare and fine spirits, has a quarterly membership best suited to the adventurous spirits enthusiast. Subscriptions start at $75 and include a tasting box of three unique spirit samples in the category of your choice—these range from tequila and mezcal to gin and Scotch and various other whiskeys, just to name a few—and a full-size bottle of your choice. Your quarterly membership also includes free shipping, on both your tasting box and complimentary bottle, but also additional purchases. Shop now!

Mash and Grape

Subscribers of Mash and Grape’s MashBox club enjoy specialty spirits sourced from craft distillers and independent bottlers. Quarterly subscriptions start at $44 per month and include three full-size bottles of the spirit of your choice. Subscriptions span the categories of scotch, whiskey, bourbon, gin, rum, and tequila. Detailed tasting notes and the story behind your bottle accompany each subscription delivery, rounding out your tasting experience. Shop now!


Mix things up with Haus, a farm-to-bottle apéritif made in California’s wine country. With a lighter alcohol content and complex flavors, the brand occupies a category all their own (somewhere between wine and hard liquor). Monthly subscriptions start at $35 and allow you to select a full-size bottle of your choice in their Citrus Flower, Bitter Clove, or new Ginger Yuzu flavors. Shop now!

Craft Beer of the Month Club

Starting at $43 per month, Craft Beer of the Month Club will send you 12 bottles of the best of what American craft breweries have to offer. Offerings from two different craft brewers are sent in each shipment, which further diversifies its wares by including four distinct styles of beer. Tasting notes and information about each brewery accompany your delivery, creating an experience not unlike visiting a micro-brewery in person. Shop now!

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