10 movies and shows coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and more this week

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While a lot of us are gradually resuming normal work schedules, most of us are still staying indoors and scavenging for movies and shows that ensure a great few hours. Luckily enough, though the world may have gone on a standstill for a while, streaming giants haven't failed to deliver fresh content every couple of days during this time. Ahead, we list out our recommended titles from what's releasing this week.

Homemade (Releases June 30)

Homemade is an anthology film by celebrated filmmakers across the world, created while quarantining in the wake of COVID-19, and with the help of equipment which they had at their disposal. Each vignette, whether a personal experience or fiction, is a moving tale that captures our life during the pandemic.

Streaming on Netflix

Adu (Releases June 30)

A six-year-old boy and his older sister sneak into the holds of an airplane, desperate to reach a Spanish town in northern Africa. Besides, an environmental activist fights against poaching and reconnects with his daughter; and thousands of kilometres to the north, there is an assault on the fence of a city. The three stories, running parallel to each other, finally cross paths one day.

Streaming on Netflix

Unsolved Mysteries (Releases July 1)

First aired in 1987 on NBC, the popular mystery series is all set to release online with added episodes. With stories rooted in the experiences of ordinary people—the trauma of someone's unexplained disappearance, a paranormal encounter and so on—Unsolved Mysteries is a hooking show that makes you lean in an listen as real viewers across the world help the creators solve cases.

Streaming on Netflix

Anne Frank: Parallel Stories (Releases July 1)

Through the pages of the infamous diary, Oscar-winning actor Helen Mirren retraces the life of Anne Frank in this 2019 feature. The poignant work also puts a spotlight on five Holocaust survivors, each of them just as courageous as Frank herself.

Streaming on Netflix

Gotham S5 (Releases July 1)

Based on characters from the DC Comics, mainly a James Gordon in his heydays and a young Bruce Wayne, the action-crime show witnesses Gordon solving mysterious criminal cases in Gotham City. The highly-acclaimed series has five seasons, with the final one finally getting an OTT release.

Streaming on Netflix

Deadwind (Releases July 1)

Recently widowed, Sofia Karppi makes her way to Helsinki to solve her first case as a detective of the Finnish police. The 2018 Nordic noir follows her personal story as well as the cases she solves around disappearances, murder and so on.

Streaming on Netflix

Sufiyum Sujatayum (Releases July 3)

Sufiyum Sujatayum is the unique love story of Sujatha (Aditi Rao Hydari) and a Sufi priest. As the two are separated by the villagers who have termed their relationship as love jihad, Sujatha's father marries her to an abusive NRI man (Jayasurya) residing in Dubai. The couple soon travel back to their village to perform the priest's last rites.

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Desperados (Releases July 3)

In this new Netflix original, watch three best friends hurriedly make their way to Mexico, simply to delete an email one of them had sent to her new boyfriend. There, they meet her ex-lover who also gets involved in the scheme.

Streaming on Netflix

Penalty (Releases July 5)

A social issue drama, Penalty follows the story of an aspiring national football player in Lucknow, who faces discrimination for being Manipuri. The film revolves around his obstacles, personal journey and achievements in a true-to-life fashion.

Streaming on Netflix

Bhonsle (Released June 26)

Ganpat Bhonsle (Manoj Bajpayee) is a freshly-retired cop looking for extension. Simultaneously, a Mumbai chawl, like many others, is facing a migrant crisis where locals stand against their fellow residents who have a Bihari background. While authorities are trying to resolve the situation, and getting rid of "outsiders", Bhonsle befriends a north Indian girl and her brother amidst all this.

Streaming on Sony LIV

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